Amazon hates me

Of course it does. I’m trying to publish a story for you all, because I love you so very much, and all it can do is taunt me with that damn ‘in review’ status.

I have no idea where I’m going with the vampire thing, so I decided to write BDSM. It’s called Dominion, and I’m going to make it free as soon as it’s up to apologise for having nothing for the last… what, three weeks?

Not good enough, Shay. Just not good enough.

This will be my first attempt at writing BDSM. I like to think I’ve done more research than E.L. James on it, but if I screw it up, I beg you to go easy on me. No punches below the belt, okay? And give me time to get my flame-resistant suit on.

That’s my biggest problem… I want to get it right, even when I’m not sure I know what ‘right’ is. You can imagine that me being secretive about this means I can’t just send it to friends for commentary, not even my kinky friends who would most likely give me the best feedback. I have to incorporate things I’ve learned after the fact, more or less, and hope I’m getting them at least somewhat correct.  I’ve had the benefit of knowing some very, very highly experienced people who have delivered a wealth of information on the nature of the BDSM lifestyle, and on their own choices within it.

Anyway, here’s another thing you didn’t know about me – I’m not into domination, per se, but I tend to be… violent, during sex. It’s like I don’t properly separate fighting and fucking in my mind. I’m very, very dominant in nature, though I don’t have the self-control to actually be a Dom, so I understand the mindset at least.

One of my very esteemed friends once told me, “People always think that the sub is the needy one, but in reality, the Dom is not whole without them. It should always be an equal relationship – not equal power, but equal investment and equal desire – for it to succeed.”

I thought she was very wise indeed.


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