The best of the worst reviews

Guys, today I want to make a public service announcement. Forget the covers for a minute.

I love to rip into Fifty Shades of Grey. Or Gray. Who cares?! Fifty Shades of What the Everloving Hell am I Reading. Now, much as I love to do that, I am not a critic. My contempt can only be extended so far in literary form before I get bored and go find some erotica to read. But my contempt still simmers for this god awful train wreck of a book, such that I return to it again and again to poke it with pitchforks. It’s like picking at a scab, or something. I can’t help it. I can’t be alone in this respect.

So, my friends, if you’re anything like me and you love to hate on Fifty Shades, you’ll enjoy the following: the best of the worst reviews of E.L. James’ crappy Twilight knock off, according to my oddball liking for particular kinds of snark.

With much swearing and threats and pleading to let the reviewer kill herself or the characters

With insightful commentary

With animated gifs

With much laughter (in video form!)


And my own one on Goodreads.

Ah, what a way to start the week… Leave more in the comments if you’ve got them.


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