New covers

Enough people liked the post where I asked about my covers for me to change them up. The Amazon files have been swapped, although they’ll probably do their usual thing of taking their sweet time about the processing.

Lookit! Ain’t they colorful now? I do like me some colors, in spite of my clearly half-assed attempts at art. I don’t know if they read as erotica and I’m close to not caring, at this point. I like them and I have writing to do.

I am still obsessing over the ratio of prose to porn. I can’t help it at this point. Do I have enough, and is it explicit enough, to be called erotica? Do erotica writers even ask this question?

Should I just hit up Harlequin’s website and check out their guidelines for whatever their steamiest book line is, then beat my brain into the formula in spite of its attempts to escape my head and flee to another continent?

Gah. I have questions and no one to ask.


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