An honest question

Are my covers bad?

It’s okay, I can take it. I just don’t know what to do with them. I’m wondering if the fact that they don’t really look like erotica covers is a bad thing.

I make them myself. Badly. I kinda splice them together out of whatever I can find, and I don’t use stock photos because I just can’t find any that don’t make me laugh when I think of them on a book cover. I also don’t like dark, broody covers because dark and broody makes me think of angst, and angst makes me think of Fifty Shades or Twilight, and I will stab myself in the eye with an icepick before I write something like either of those two books, money and fame be damned.

I wonder if I should just flip the colors. Make them white text on black, give them some sexy textures or something in the background. I wonder if people see the white and think they’re something that has no sex in it. This makes me cry because I want to deliver ALL THE SEXYTIMES for your *ahem* enjoyment.

I’m going to go make some adjustments.


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