I wish there was a way

…to separate the indie books from the mainstream books on Amazon.

See, the thing is, the traditionally published books are like steamed carrots. They’re bland, boring, mostly indifferent, and you generally know exactly what you’re going to get. Indie books are like olives. They’re sharp, sometimes horrible, mostly an acquired taste, but they’re where all the interesting stuff is happening. They’re not safe, like steamed carrots.

I like that. I like reading books that haven’t been through a filter of marketability or saleability. I don’t want books that are tailored to appeal to my tastes, as if a publisher can actually discern that with any kind of accuracy. My taste, like many people, varies by the hour sometimes and my interest is piqued at random. You take your chances, of course, by picking up stuff that could be unedited and unproofed, but that’s what the Look Inside feature is for.

I also wish there was a way to filter out reviews that give you a plot synopsis. The damn blurb is there for that. It falls under the heading of ‘shit we don’t need to know/you are spoiling the book on us’. Those reviews are generally the gushing ones that sound like they were written by the author. Who reads those, seriously?

Now I have a thought – if you’re going to review something I’ve written, my friends, I want three or four star reviews. They seem more honest.


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