I don’t get political

…mostly because I don’t swing that way. Most of it makes no sense to me and it looks like the Mr. Cutie in the White House is doing a good job, all things considered, so I’d rather just let him get on with it and stick to writing porn.

But my better informed friend told me today of a thing that made me go ‘whuh?’ and look at her cross-eyed. You guys probably know about it already. Some Republican dude has apparently said something along the lines of ‘women can stop themselves getting pregnant if they are raped’ as an argument for why abortion should be illegal.

I’m just gonna say right now that anyone who’s failed highschool biology, logic, and basic common sense needs to not be in politics.

‘Cos, y’know, women CAN stop themselves from getting pregnant if they are raped. There’s a method to it and everything. It’s called abortion. Maybe in this guy’s world, somewhere in a cave on Mars (say hi to the Curiosity rover for me!), women have some kind of magical power that stops pregnancy if they’re raped. Here on Earth, however, women have neat things like science and medicine instead, and they work pretty well.

Like I said, this stuff does not make sense to me. I have yet to figure out why the hell Republicans care so damn much about pregnancy, for example, when there are seven billion people on this planet and we’re not likely to run out any time soon.

I’m going back to my sweet tasty smut. At least that’s not going to confuse the hell out of me.


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