Free free free…

Whee! Kathy’s World is free. Lovely, lovely free erotica for all! Fly, fly, my pretties! Go download it! And *ahem* enjoy yourselves while you read it!

Warning: I do not recommend that you read Kathy’s World while having sex. Although erotica is a great way to get in the mood, it’s a bit awkward to have to mess about with a Kindle while you and your partner(s) are doing the nasty. I’m talking about the enjoyment that you can partake of alone.

Devil Masque has been published too, finally. Amazon took their sweet damn time about it again. I’ll have to factor in a day or two of processing just to get these up online, so the timer has some extra time added.

I have multiple things published. MULTIPLE. I can do this, whatever the hell it is. I can write and publish a short sexy story a week.

Today I shall bask in the warm glow of publishing victory, drinking Chianti out by the pool and whispering ‘Multiple’ to myself.


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