I can’t write fast enough

Gaaah, I can’t do it! I can’t write fast enough! The sun is already coming up!

Damn life, getting in the way of my porn!

Okay, okay, just breathe. You can still do this. Just relax, go get some sleep, and get to work tomorrow. All you have to do is push the next story out before Friday. You can make up the time. It’ll be fine.

You guys will forgive me, right? You won’t get mad if I miss the deadline by a day or two? You know how bad I would feel if I disappointed you. I’m trying so hard, really I am, but there’s stuff in real life that I can’t tell you about that just won’t leave me the hell alone to write my lovely erotica in peace.

I’ll figure out a way to make it up to you. Maybe I’ll let you decide what I write next? I’d totally let you do that – you’re such lovely readers. I’d be willing to write anything that has at least one sex scene and won’t get me sued, for characters between the ages of eighteen and forty. (Apologies to fans of older characters, but I have to set the limit somewhere. Sorry.)

I have plenty of imagination to go around.

Right. Sleep, then morning, then write and upload and pray Amazon gets it online in a timely fashion. Then I move on to the next story.


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