I’m too tired

…to write today. I expect this will have an effect on my release day tomorrow, unless I can somehow get my groove on and finish up the next story tonight.

Maybe I need to have sex or something. Or maybe watch some bad movies. I’ve been watching really old sitcoms lately, like from the 1960’s, and although they’re hella funny, they ain’t exactly chock full of sexytimes.

I’m also debating what to write next week. I wonder if I should try the lesbian cheerleaders idea? The problem, of course, is that it’s always about something other than the sex. If it were all about the sex, it’d just be porn without plot. As long as it’s not that, the sex needs to be a convenient plot device and nothing more.

Oh – oh no, I got a better idea!

In honor of the fact that crappy Twilight fanfiction can get publishing deals, I shall write a story loosely based on what I’ve read of Twilight.

But with the aaaaall the genders reversed.

*evil cackling*


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