Can I get away

…from the usual man-woman combo, I wonder?

Let’s have a little disclosure, because I think you’re pretty modern and you’d be cool with knowing this: I’m pansexual, for want of a better term.


You don’t know what that is? Okay, here goes… if you’re straight, you only sleep with the opposite sex. If you’re gay, you only sleep with the same sex. If you’re bisexual, you only sleep with men and woman. And if you’re pansexual, you sleep with ANYONE – including people who don’t quite fit into the whole man-woman binary thing.

Yes, they exist. Transgender and intersex people exist. Where have you been living lately, under a rock on Mars? (If so, say hi to the Curiosity rover for me.)

Anyway. Being pansexual just means you can be attracted to anyone. Now, for a writer, it means that my filthy, filthy imagination has no problem conjuring up all kinds of combinations outside of the norm – all of them make sense to me.

The problem, though, is that I’m not sure how well that would play to the world at large. I could write a story about a straight guy encountering a ladyboy in Bangkok and having the best, if most confusing sex of his life, and that would be really hot to me, but would anyone else get their rocks off to it?

I don’t know. I’ll add that to the list of erotica writer problems. Right now, I’m sticking to plain men and women. I’m still pretty new to this, after all. But damn, have I got some awesome ideas for a story about lesbian cheerleaders…


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