Sex and religion

Okay, maybe you’ve guessed already, but I have a… not so respectful view of religion. I have my Reasons. Mostly I am okay with other people having religion in the same way that I’m okay with them liking dubstep – they can enjoy it, but it sounds like noise to me and I will inevitably draw some unflattering conclusions about their mental health as a result.

But holy shit, man. Sex and religion. It seems like every stupid opinion about sex comes back to some kind of religious belief at some point. Today I encountered one of the really stupid ones – that pornography should be banned because it’s sinful. It took me so long to stop laughing that the idiot in question had already left in a huff, so I couldn’t tell them that they’d have a hard time selling that to Christians, never mind all the millions of people who don’t believe that sin is an actual real thing.

But ain’t that always the way? We have to have sex. This is just a given. We are walking, talking sex machines, most of us, and sex is one of the most fun things you can do in impolite company. I would lay pretty good money that most people think about sex several orders of magnitude more often than they’ll ever admit. So why the hell are religions so bent on making up some arbitrary rules for socially acceptable sex and then making people feel guilty for not following them? What is the pay off for turning people into sexually repressed basket cases?

I don’t know, really I don’t. It almost makes you want to join some flavor of paganism. At least they don’t really give a crap who you sleep with and how, as long as you’re not hurting anyone – not in the BDSM way, I mean. I’m sure they’re cool with consensual beatings for the sake of getting it on.

For the record, I don’t want to ban porn. I’d like to try banning bad porn, though, because I am sick to the back teeth of watching or reading stuff that might as well be an IKEA manual. (Insert Tab A into Slot B…) Is it too much to ask that we move beyond the whole ‘let’s mash our genitals together like robots’ thing?


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