Kathy’s World

I have published erotica for all the world to see. Behold!

Here’s the blurb as well, just for fun.

KATHY’S WORLD is a weird little short story about sex, betrayal and a little bit of heavy metal.

Kathy’s world was flipped upside down when she caught her boyfriend Mark cheating on her. Things go from bad to worse when she finds out that Mark is lying about her to their friends.

Some friendly comfort comes from a bizarre source when the other woman, Gina, shows up at her door, looking for her lost phone. She brings Kathy to Gun Metal, the club where she works, to chill out while she deals with what Mark has done. She also introduces her to Eddie, a drummer and occasional bouncer who takes a liking to Kathy – and Kathy finds herself warming up to him a lot faster than usual.

She still has to deal with Mark. But if the world’s gone mad and it doesn’t look like it’s going fix itself any time soon, then she might as well enjoy the insanity.

I feel like shouting ‘IT’S ALIVE!’ and cackling like a madman.

The Amazon link is here.

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