I should have thought about this more

I forgot about the Amazon processing time. How, I have no idea. You’d think I would remember this stuff by now.

Still, it’s done. Uploaded. Do not care any more. I hit my launch deadline and I regret nothing, except maybe not putting in as much editing as I should have. It’s an 11,000 word story that I knocked out in about a week, mostly to amuse myself, and I have other things to write that need actual love and attention.

I’ve been asking myself why I’m doing this, apart from the obvious ‘jumping on the sexy bandwagon’ reason. Sometimes I wonder if it’s out of spite, because I honestly and truly hate the fact that Twilight and Fifty Shades are bestsellers while still being awful. (On that note, by the way, I stopped halfway through Stephanie Meyer’s magnum opus. I just can’t deal with that whiny crap any more. It’s great that she’s raking in the cash, but she does not know the first goddamn thing about telling a story that makes sense.)

So yeah, why is that? Why, in the name of Asimov, is Fifty Shades of Grey selling well when you can read better and kinkier fap material on Fanfiction.net for free?

True story – I read a bit of one of the sex scenes from Fifty Shades, and threw the book across the room shouting BIOLOGY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! Because it doesn’t. Seriously. And actual human beings, with brains and functional organs and everything, don’t act that way unless they’ve taken a two by four to the head.

Gah, rant. I’m sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Let’s just forget I said it and let bygones be bygones, okay? Okay.

I’m just going to stare at the KDP dashboard until the damn listing is approved.


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