Almost there

The new story is up to publishing now. It appears that watching it has accelerated the process of getting it onto Amazon. Take that, old saying about watched kettles not boiling!

Also: hello there, Steven Atwood! I see you’re a devout Christian who wants to spread the Word of God through blogging! Thanks for following me! I’m sure you’ll enjoy my frequently bizarre non-sequiturs about sexy writing, and references to kinks and/or masturbation. (Wait, is that one of those things you guys aren’t allowed to do? Maybe it’s just the Catholics. Oh, you crazy Christians, I just can’t keep up with you!)

Funnily enough, we are of a like mind. I also want to spread the Word of God – although the God in question is Thor, and his Word is ‘testicles’.


Right, I have decided. In honor of the fact that there’s far too much of this wishy-washy Christian romance going around, and because I’ve been inspired by seeing dear Steven’s blog, my next story is going to be Satanic porn.

You can handle it, can’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand for moral support when you read it. It won’t be a downer, I promise – I find the whole notion of Satanism far too silly to take it seriously.


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