Disliking Twilight

So, I think I know why I don’t like Twilight.

No, it’s not because Bella is a pessimistic non-character, or because Edward displays all the traits of a sociopathic stalker. It’s not even because the prose makes my head hurt.

At some level, a love story must have an element of truth. Yes, even in porn, although that element is usually something like ‘sex feels awesome, yay!’ It needs some part of it to feel real, or it rings hollow in the mind of the reader.

Twilight, ultimately, doesn’t have that. The relationship between Bella and Edward doesn’t feel like love. As Forrest Gump said, I know what love is, and this looks like love as imagined by a teenager who has never once known it.

It’s a shadow of it, a facsimile. Two people acting out the parts without ever feeling the emotion, and I can’t be sold a love story made of plastic.

That so many people do kinda suggests to me that they have never felt true love, and I can’t decide whether that’s more or less depressing than all of them having shitty taste in books.


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