Erotica writer problems

Normally writers have to replay scenes in their head several times, from various angles, to work out which is the best to actually write. If you’re writing porn, this kinda turns into a series of tableaux (that’s French for tables) with two characters in various sex positions.

I am totally okay with this as long as the story calls for sex on tables, but I haven’t figured out a viable alternative if the story calls for sex on chairs, for example.

It is a conundrum.

My first story involves heavy metal. This is also a conundrum. I may have to think of a title that sounds like the name of a band – or, alternatively, one that references the color black or snakes.

Suggestions welcome…


2 thoughts on “Erotica writer problems

  1. Haha! I have this problem too (I dabble in smutty fanfiction…don’t judge me;) ). Mostly because many of my scenes have one character standing and one sitting, or one with their back turned. I don’t have a lot of problems with the actual acts, but getting characters from Point A to naked and doin’ it is sometimes a challenge.

    • I write heavy metal porn (apparently), I can’t judge.

      And now I’m wondering how to write a sex scene with a random combination of characters standing, sitting and with their backs turned. Whee!

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