And I already have followers?

This both confuses and interests me. For all you know, dear reader, I am a terrible writer who will make you cry.

Fifty Shades of Grey made me cry. And then I heard that ANOTHER Twilight fanfiction with the numbers filed off has been offered a book deal, and ONCE AGAIN it involves a manipulative man and a sweet, innocent women. I cried many tears that day.

Then I realized that I could also write porn for money, and the tears magically stopped! But just between you and me (I think I can trust you with this, you’re such a good friend and all), I’ve done this before. I’ve even used the phrase ‘hot, throbbing manhood’ without being ironic. I just wasn’t being paid for it, back then.

The first story will be plain fiction, but I want to write porn in fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, historical… anything that pleases me.


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